Freitag, 7. April 2017

My Swaps for OnStage

Morgen gibt es den deutschen Text.

At the Moment I am at OnStage in Amsterdam and I guess I already looked through the new catalog a thousand times 😉

Since Sigrid always has so wonderful swaps I decided to swap this time, too.

I made my so called tricky box with 6'' x 6'' Designer Paper. So this is what the swap looks like.

I looks difficult, but is quite simple to do. As I said, you need 6'' x 6'' Designer Series Paper.
You score it at 1 1/4'' on two opposite sides. Turn it 90° and score at 1 1/4'', 2 1/2'', 3 3/4'' and 5''. If you have a pattern the top should be on the left side.
Then you have to score diagonal like shown in the picture.

Cut of the shaded parts and leave the glue laps as shown below. You can round the corners at the 1'' left over part on the right if you like to.
Now take a 1'' punch an punch more or less a semicircle. Cut of the edges with scissors to make it look nicer. It should look like this by now:

Fold everything,

add adhesive to the glue flaps and put it all together.

I added magnets to have it close, but you can use a banderole as well. To attache the magnets I have a little trick für you. First just stick one of them to the box.

Take a piece of designer series paper an place it in between the two magnets.

Now you can stick the second one to the other site, press just a little.

Lift the first magnet with the designer series paper and then make the second magnet stick really good.

This way they match perfectly.

Now it's your turn to decorate your box as you like.

I have some other measurements for a bigger box right here and you can find a video tutorial (in german) here.

Thanks for swapping 😃

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